Ramp Surfaces Canada™ Canadian Distributor of Gator Skins
Ramp Surfaces Canada™ is a Division of the Canadian Skateboard Park & School Association.


Gator Skins Ramps are a Super Tough, High Speed Skate Surface.

The panels are formulated to provide a near perfect interaction with urethane wheels. Gator Skins grip when you need – and slide when you want, creating a control factor on tricks like reverts that is unlike any other surface you’ve ever ridden. The resin produced in-house at Gator Skins is the secret sauce that sets Gator Skins apart. The factory is able to customize it to exact specifications, which results in the optimum density, hardness, flexibility, and level of grip. These are the factors that determine not only the durability of the product but the quality of the ride.

All Gator Skins Panels are 1/4″ thickness, and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

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CJ's Skatepark

Mississauga, ON, Canada

CJ's Skatepark

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Skatercross Course

Krause Family YMCA, Clairemont, San Diego, CA

Skatercross Course

Krause Family YMCA, Clairemont, San Diego, CA

Public Miniramp

Uppsala, Sweden



From the swamp to the tundra and everything in between. Gator Skins challenged mother nature to a fight with these panels …and kicked her whiny ass.


All Weather Brown & Green are $210 / sheet
Black is $245 / sheet
(Plus Taxes and shipping if needed)

Available colors:


The exact same performance factors as our Standard All-Weather but rated for indoor use only.

Indoor (Clay) $205 / sheet
(Plus Taxes and shipping if needed)

Available colors:

We stock indoor Clay and all weather Brown. These can be picked up from our Mississauga warehouse during regular business hours, or we can arrange delivery at an additional charge anywhere in Canada.

For Black & Green please allow extra time for your order.



For large orders, or if you are a contractor or ramp builder please contact us for special pricing (minimum orders may apply).



"Gator Skins Surface, it’s the ideal friction level: grips your wheels but doesn’t grab your kneepads… if you’ve skated vert, you know what I mean."

– Tony Hawk

"What's amazing about Gator skins is that it has incredible surface, it's got smoothness to it, you don't slide - it's not slippery - and it's basically why we covered the whole [ of CJ's ] Skatepark"

– Jay Mandarino, Founder of CJ’s Skatepark (Mississauga, Canada)


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